Canthoplasty surgery is a cosmetic treatment that can improve the appearance of your eyes. If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your eyelids, our oculofacial surgeon Dr. Amy Kulak can help. In addition to providing canthoplasty, our surgeon also offers other services that can enhance the appearance of your eyes. Contact our office today in the Jacksonville Beach area to schedule a consultation and learn more about all of our available treatments.

What Is Canthoplasty?

Canthoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that involves tightening the lower eyelid by reshaping the corner of the eye. The purpose of the procedure is to correct drooping or sagging of the outer corner of the eye by elevating the canthal angle. This procedure is also described as reshaping the eye to a more desirable almond configuration. The result is a larger, brighter, and more awake-looking eye.

Patients typically get canthoplasty to address drooping or sagging of the lower eyelid (known as ectropion). Drooping eyelids occur with age or eye trauma; the skin and tendons around the eye lose their elasticity, resulting in drooping around the eyelid. This change in elasticity creates an unwanted tired or sad appearance.

​​​​​​​What to Expect

Eyelid surgery begins with a consultation with our canthoplasty expert Dr. Kulak. She will examine the shape of your eye and its function and discuss your expectations with the surgery. Once Dr. Kulak determines that canthoplasty surgery is an appropriate choice, she will design the desired shape of your eye based on your facial symmetry, proportion, and shape.

Dr. Kulak is a board-certified and highly-trained oculofacial surgeon. She’s an ophthalmologist with extensive training in eye surgery and ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. She is well-versed in the intricacies of eyelid anatomy and is qualified to make the right decisions to achieve the best possible outcome. She will examine your eye for complications and make your eye health a top priority. It’s these unique qualifications of ophthalmology that separate her from regular plastic surgeons.

About Us

Canthoplasty Surgery

Your surgery will be performed in an inpatient setting using anesthesia and, if necessary, IV sedation. The procedure will take between 1– 2 hours to complete. The surgery involves cutting the lower canthal tendon and repositioning it or tightening it. Dr. Kulak will make an incision within your natural eye crease to minimize visible scarring. The tendon is lifted to increase the angle of your lower and upper eyelids, then reattached using stitches. Once the surgery is complete, a protective eye shield is placed over your eyes for protection.


After surgery, you can expect that your vision will be blurred; this is due to an antibiotic ointment placed over your eyes to prevent them from drying out. You will be sent home with this ointment and instructed to apply it to prevent infection. You may also be prescribed artificial tears to prevent the eyes from drying out and steroid drops to reduce facial swelling.

You will need someone to drive you back home after your surgery is complete. It is also recommended that someone should look after you during the first day or two after surgery. You will be the most comfortable resting with your eyes closed.

Recovery from eyelid surgery usually takes between 2–3 weeks. You can expect swelling and bruising to decrease over time; quickly within the first two weeks, then gradually after several weeks. You will avoid strenuous activity for at least two weeks.


Canthoplasty surgery is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that can help address several eyelid-related cosmetic issues. Dr. Amy Kulak is a skilled oculofacial plastic surgeon who offers canthoplasty surgery to those looking to improve their facial appearance. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, we encourage you to call our office today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kulak. During your consultation, Dr. Kulak will assess your individual needs and determine if canthoplasty surgery is the best treatment option for you.

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